Amino+Derm Moisturizing Emulsion 8 Fl oz (256 mL) (PACK 12 BOTTLES)


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Glendale, California, United States

Amino+Derm Moisturizing Emulsion is a Non-greasy, rapidly penetrating, healthy moisturizer
that is perfect for use by medical and dental personnel. Amino+Derm restores the skin’s natural
moisture balance lost through the hand washing, scrubbing and gloving process.

  • ●  Instant Hydration/Moisturization: Enriched with humectants and emollients, the
    Amino+Derm moisturizing formula restores the skin’s moisture balance by rapidly
    penetrating the skin. This soothing hydration "locks in” water and helps prevent
    transepidermal moisture loss.

  • ●  Keratolytic Action: Amino+Derm refreshes the skin’s surface and keeps it soft and
    healthy by removing dead skin cells and enabling new skin cells to migrate easily to the
    surface. The Amino+Derm formula allows the skin to "breathe” because it contains no
    mineral oil or petrolatum or animal oil compounds.

  • ●  Amino Acid Formulation: Amino+Derm formula contains the 17 amino acids found in
    collagen and elastin, providing the protein building blocks needed for healthy skin

  • ●  Reduces Risk of Contamination: Perhaps most importantly, Amino+Derm can restore,
    refresh and renew the skin while reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. In
    independent tests conducted in the laboratory of a burn center hospital, Amino+Derm’s
    preservative and disinfectant system was shown to help prevent the growth of numerous
    types of bacteria.

    Amino+Derm is a Registered Trademark of Aminoderm Laboratories, Inc. 


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